CHRIS AUSTIN, Executive Director

Chris Austin

A leading voice in California water news, Chris Austin is the founder and publisher of the independent and reader-­‐supported Maven’s Notebook website, California’s most comprehensive source for water news and information.

Dedicated to providing unbiased information about California water issues, the water news source reaches thousands of regular readers and water leaders throughout the state.

Austin aims to improve and streamline access to thousands of complex water reports and documents, and to aid in the public’s understanding of these critical issues.

EMILY GREEN, Contributing Editor

Emily Green is a California-born journalist who has reported on science and the environment for the UK Independent, Guardian, New Statesman, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and KCET.  She has been sourcing and linking content for the California Water Library since its launch in 2017.

JOHN HART, Author/Historian

John Hart

John Hart has been writing about California water issues since the 1970s.

Among his books are San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary and Storm Over Mono: The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future, both from the University of California Press. Recognitions include two Medals in Californiana in the Commonwealth Club Book Awards, the David R. Brower Award for Outstanding Service in the Field of Conservation from the American Alpine Club, various others.

Hart contributes regularly to Estuary News, Bay Nature, and KneeDeep Times.

Click here to visit John Hart’s website.