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The first of its kind, the the California Water Library has consolidated links to authoritative documents, maps and graphics formerly scattered around the Internet on various websites. Our sources include federal, state and local governments, scientific journals, nonprofit organizations and historical collections.

Your tax-deductible donation makes this resource available to every citizen, from a lay resident of the Central Valley whose well has gone dry, to researchers at universities from Humboldt to San Diego. Droughts come and go, but constant issues include salt water intrusion, groundwater banking, pollution, flood control, storage, subsidence, infrastructure and, above all, climate change.

Never has it been more clear than in 21st century California that water issues are land issues. If a key part of successful planning and management is how to reconcile those two formerly segregated issues is finally listening to scientists, it follows that we need a place where their work is available. That is the California Water Library. Your contribution will build it.

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