Brackish Water Desalination Facility Draft Environmental Impact Report

City of Antioch | June 15th, 2018


The City proposes to construct, operate, and maintain the Antioch Brackish Water Desalination Project (proposed project). The City proposes to replace the existing San J

Brackish Water Desalination Facility Project

Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) | April 1st, 2020


The City of Antioch (City) is proposing the Brackish Water Desalination Project (Project), which consists of the construction of a desalination facility at the City’s

California Desalination Planning Handbook

Department of Water Resources | March 4th, 2008


In September 2002, AB 2717 was signed into law, designating the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to establish the California Desalination Task Force (Task Force) to

Desalination - Brackish and Sea Water (Resource Management Strategy)

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | July 29th, 2016


Desalination, the removal of salts from saline waters, is one of the few options available to augment California’s water supply. California has facilities that desalina

Desalination and Membrane Technologies: Federal Research and Adoption Issues

Congressional Research Service | January 2nd, 2015


In the United States, desalination and membrane technologies are used to augment municipal water supply, produce high-quality industrial water supplies, and reclaim conta

Desalination and sustainability - An appraisal and current perspective

Water Research, Elsevier | February 1st, 2016


Desalination technologies have evolved and advanced rapidly along with increasing water demands around the world since 1950s. Many reviews have focused on the techno-econ

Desalination for a circular water economy

Energy & Environmental Science | August 20th, 2020


Today's water systems are enabled by ample fresh water sources, low-cost centralized treatment, and facile wastewater disposal. Climatic change, aging infrastructure, and

Desalination Plant Entrainment Impacts and Mitigation

California State Water Resources Control Board | October 9th, 2013


Raw seawater is used for a variety of purposes, including as source water for desalination plants and to cool coastal power plants. Raw seawater is, however, not just col

Desalination, With a Grain of Salt – A California Perspective

Pacific Institute | June 1st, 2006


In Desalination, With a Grain of Salt – A California Perspective, the Pacific Institute provides a comprehensive overview of the history, benefits, and risks of ocean d

High-Salinity Sensitivity Study: Short-and Long-Term Exposure Assessments

State Water Resources Control Board | April 12th, 2013


The West Basin Municipal Water District (WBMWD) High Salinity Sensitivity Study (HSS Study) comprehensively evaluated the potential short-term and long-term exposure effe

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