A Bayesian approach to infer nitrogen loading rates from crop and land-use types surrounding private wells in the Central Valley, California

European Geosciences Union (EGU) | May 7th, 2018


This study is focused on nitrogen loading from a wide variety of crop and land-use types in the Central Valley, California, USA, an intensively farmed region with highÂ

A Comparative Study for Estimating Crop Evapotranspiration in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

University of California, Davis (UC Davis) | April 23rd, 2018


Consumptive water use by crops, often referred to as evapotranspiration (ET), is frequently the largest component of an agricultural region’s water balance. This study

A global spatial analysis reveals where marine aquaculture can benefit nature and people

PLOS | October 9th, 2019


Aquaculture of bivalve shellfish and seaweed represents a global opportunity to simultaneously advance coastal ecosystem recovery and provide substantive benefits to hum

A Measure of Snow: Case Studies of the Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting Program

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) | September 1st, 2010


Snow depth and snow water content data have been collected and disseminated throughout the W estern United States for over 100 years. Early Snow Survey and Wate

A multi-scale approach for identification of potential pesticide use sites impacting vernal pool critical habitat in California

Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier) | October 17th, 2022


Spatially explicit ecological risk assessment (ERA) requires estimating the overlap between chemical and receptor distribution to evaluate the potential impacts of exposu

A pesticide and iPSC dopaminergic neuron screen identifies and classifies Parkinson-relevant pesticides

Nature Portfolio (Springer Nature) | May 16th, 2023


Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a complex neurodegenerative disease with etiology rooted in genetic vulnerability and environmental factors. Here we combine quantitative ep

A simmering revolt against groundwater cutbacks in California

Stanford University | December 14th, 2022


In 2014, California legislators, focused on groundwater’s accelerating decline during a prolonged drought, passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Its impera

A Technical Advisor’s Manual Managing Agricultural Irrigation Drainage Water: A guide for developing Integrated On-Farm Drainage Management Systems

California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) | September 29th, 2005


This manual is part of a two-part educational and outreach program to educate landowners and technical advisors about the advantages, disadvantages, costs, environmental

Addendum to the State Water Project and Central Valley Project Drought Contingency Plan

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | July 29th, 2022


This Addendum includes current hydrologic conditions, plus updates on the following: operations status and the latest SWP and CVP (collectively referred to as Projects) o

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