A decision‐support framework for dam removal planning and its application in northern California

Environmental Challenges (Elsevier) | May 27th, 2023


Dam removals are occurring more frequently with the rising cost of maintaining aging infrastructure, public safety concerns, and growing interest in river restoration. So

A practical guide to environmental flows for policy and planning (with 9 case studies)

Nature Conservancy | May 18th, 2012


Environmental flows are gaining broad recognition across the United States, and the underlying science is sufficiently developed to support regional planning and policy a

Adapting Restoration for a Changing Climate Symposium

Delta Stewardship Council (Delta Council) | November 5th, 2021


Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture: A Blueprint for Action

U.S. Water Alliance | June 26th, 2018


No matter who we are, where we live, or what we do, water is essential to our lives. It is life’s most precious resource, an indispensable ingredient for prosperity, pr

Assessing and communicating the impacts of climate change on the Southern California coast

California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) | August 27th, 2018


 Over the course of this and the next century, the combination of rising sea levels, severe storms, and coastal erosion will threaten the sustainability of coastal commu

California Natural Resources Agency Tribal Consultation Policy

California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) | November 20th, 2012


California Native American Tribes and tribal communities have sovereign authority over their members and territory and a unique relationship with California's resources.

Changes in water consumption linked to heavy news media coverage of extreme climatic events

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) | October 25th, 2017


Public awareness of water- and drought-related issues is an important yet relatively unexplored component of water use behavior. To examine this relationship, w

Citizen's Guide to Working with the California Water Boards

California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) | July 8th, 2011


The Guide provides an overview of the Water Boards and the many opportunities that all Californians have to participate with the Water Boards in decisions and activities

Climate information? Embedding climate futures within temporalities of California water management

Environmental Sociology (Taylor & Francis) | March 27th, 2018


This article uses the case of drinking water utility managers in California to understand uses of climate-change information in resource management. A dominant

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