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The California Water Atlas

William L. Kahrl, William A. Bowen, Stewart Brand, Marlyn L. Shelton, David L. Fuller, Donald A. Ryan, Bill Press, Ronald B. Robie, Mary Deane, Harrison Dunning, George C. Grover, Robert M. Hagan, Myron Holburt, Norris Hundley, Lawrence Lee, Elmo Richardson, Donald D. Stark, Norman Sturm, Harold E. Thomas, Arliss L. Ungar, Peter Warshall | October 24th, 1979

This book sets out to tell the biggest story in the richest and most populous state in the Union. Water lies at the basis of the modern prosperity of California, and the history of the state is in large part the history of water development. The problems of water supply and delivery for the future are emerging among the critical issues facing not only California but the entire American Southwest over the next ten years. And yet, at a time when environmental consciousness is high and complex problems of world energy supply and international finance are part of the normal fare in our daily newspapers, water remains probably the least popularly understood of our natural resources.


basic information, basin characterization, water project operations, water rights, water supply