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State Climate Policy and Nature-based Solutions: A Match that Provides Multiple Benefits for Climate, Water, and More

Felicia Marcus | August 17th, 2022

This report examines potential synergies between state climate policies and nature-based solutions that yield multiple benefits; outlines barriers to meeting that potential; and provides recommendations to accelerate the implementation of nature- based solutions with water benefits in state climate policies. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but to point out areas for further productive work. The audience is non-climate water practitioners working in the Colorado River Basin and state climate policy practitioners who may not be familiar with the opportunities nature-based solutions (NBS) provide for both climate and water. As a result, the report can be considered something of a primer or resource, including basic information about both fields to educate water practitioners as to what state climate plans entail, and to educate climate practitioners about the opportunity to include (and the necessity of including) NBS as part of their climate planning. The report’s intent is to illuminate an area where further engagement and technical work can help seize an opportunity to meet the climate and water challenges facing the Colorado River Basin states.


Colorado River, ecosystem management, upper watershed management