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Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Atlas

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | July 1st, 1995

The Delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers is California’s water supply crossroads. It is the major collection point for water that serves over 20 million people, two-thirds of our State’s population.

The maze of islands and channels lying at the confluence of these two large rivers has long been the focal point of debate surrounding a number of complicated water-related issues of statewide importance. People with a wide variety of interests – agricultural, urban, industrial, environmental,
and recreational-have a vital stake in the Delta and a need to understand the physical Delta and its complex interrelationships.

This atlas provides information that we hope will be helpful in addressing the complex problems of the estuary. The atlas is a revision of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Atlas that was published in 1987. It contains updates on many Delta facts and features. It also introduces new information on the Suisun Marsh and tides and hydrology in the Delta as well as in San Francisco Bay.


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