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New Sources for California’s Water Supply

California State Assembly (California State Assembly) | March 1st, 2016

The Assembly Select Committee on Water Consumption and Alternative Sources was established in February 2015 to examine the strategies California could take to improve water conservation and expand the portfolio of water sources. Given that California rose to the challenge of conservation, the committee turned its attention to alternative water source strategies such as stormwater capture, ocean desalination and water recycling, holding specific hearings to discuss the latter two in greater detail.

This report is the culmination of several hearings held across the state on issues of water use and opportunities for expanding water sources. It includes summaries of expert testimony at those hearings, including illustrative slides from their presentations, as well as a list of key
findings and recommendations compiled by committee staff and approved by the Chair. These findings and recommendations were not voted on by members of the Select Committee and may not reflect the view of each Select Committee member. This report is meant to provide knowledge regarding California’s drought, climate change future, and viability of water sourcing strategies including stormwater capture, water recycling and desalination. This knowledge will be essential in adapting California’s water infrastructure to climate changes and devising the most effective and environmentally friendly approach to endure the next California drought.


desalination, recycled water, water supply, water use efficiency

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