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California Water Plan 2013: North Coast Hydrologic Region Report

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | October 30th, 2016

The North Coast Hydrologic Region is a unique setting with an extreme diversity of land use and climate. Land use includes aquaculture and larger urban areas near the coast to large cattle operations and low populations in the high mountain deserts. Ranching, farming, rural residential, timber harvest, vineyards, marijuana cultivation, U.S. Forest Service, and park land uses are prevalent.

Variation in climate is immense with high precipitation along the coastal mountains to desert conditions in the Modoc Plateau. This chapter begins with an overview of the region, describing the setting and conditions within the region. Topics include information on the watersheds and sub-watersheds in the region with emphasis on developed resources.

The chapter continues with a review of activities concerning resource administration and laws affecting resource management. This chapter concludes with a discussion of suggested resource management strategies to help assist local water managers in planning for future water needs.


basic information, California Water Plan, planning and management