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California Water Plan 2013: Colorado River Hydrologic Region Report

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | October 30th, 2014

Despite the subtropical desert climate, reliable water supplies for the Colorado River Hydrologic Region have made it possible to establish, maintain, and even expand the key local industries — agriculture, recreation, and tourism. At the same time, the region’s topographic landscape, shaped by tectonic and past volcanic activities, remains as scenic and beautiful. This includes the Salton Sea, which is sustained by agricultural tailwater, tile drain water, and treated and untreated urban
wastewater flows.

Water agencies in the region have not stopped planning and implementing programs and projects to maintain the quality and quantity of water supplies, particularly groundwater, for the future. This includes water use efficiency conservation and groundwater storage and conjunctive use programs and water supply transfers. Activities are also under way to protect and enhance the region’s important environmental resources — in particular, the Salton Sea, which provides critical habitat for resident and migratory birds.


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