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Addressing Nitrate in California’s Drinking Water Technical Report 2: Nitrogen Sources and Loading to Groundwater

Joshua Viers, Daniel Liptzin, Todd S. Rosenstock, Vivian B. Jensen, Allan D. Hollander, Alison McNally, Aaron King, Giorgos Kourakos, Elena M. Lopez, Nicole De La Mora, Anna Fryjoff-Hung, Kristin Dzurella, Holly E. Canada, Sarah Laybourne, Chiara McKenney, Jeannie Darby, James F. Quinn, Thomas Harter | July 2nd, 2012

Nitrate loading to groundwater in the Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley is widespread and chronic, and is overwhelmingly the result of crop and animal agricultural activities. Urban wastewater, septic systems, and other sources may have significant localized impact. Due to long transit times, the impact on groundwater resources is a legacy for years and decades to come.


agricultural drainage, Central Valley, coastal aquifers, drinking water, groundwater contamination, Groundwater Exchange, nitrates, water quality

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