Adapting to Change: Utility Systems and Declining Flows

California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA) | November 1st, 2017


During the recent historic drought, Californians responded to the call for emergency statewide water use reductions, which the state has recognized as a highly su

Adapting wastewater management systems in California for water conservation and climate change

Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure (Taylor & Francis) | February 27th, 2023


Basic & Urgent: Realizing the Human Right to Water & Sanitation for Californians Experiencing Homelessness

University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) | August 15th, 2018


The report’s three main sections follow this executive summary. The Problem Overview examines: what is driving what one source called an “explosion” in the numbe

Bioanalytical and chemical-specific screening of contaminants of concern in three California (USA) watersheds

Heliyon (Elsevier) | May 5th, 2022


To broaden the scope of contaminants monitored in human-impacted riverine systems, water, sediment, and treated wastewater effluent were analyzed using receptor-based cel

Bisphenols in San Francisco Bay: Wastewater, Stormwater, and Margin Sediment Monitoring

San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) | October 28th, 2022


Bisphenols are a class of synthetic, mobile, endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Bisphenol A (BPA), the most well-studied bisphenol, is produced and used in vast quantities w

Bulletin No. 31, Santa Ana River Basin

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | January 1st, 1930


Bulletin No. 32, South Coastal Basin

California Department of Water Resources (DWR) | January 1st, 1930


Clean Watersheds Needs Survey 2012

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) | December 13th, 2012


Concentrations, Loads, and Associated Trends of Nutrients Entering the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta, California

University of California, Davis (UC Davis) | December 15th, 2021


Statistical modeling of water-quality data collected at the Sacramento River at Freeport and San Joaquin River near Vernalis, California, USA, was used to examine trends

Constructed wetlands for winery wastewater treatment: A review on the technical, environmental and socio-economic benefits

Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier) | April 19th, 2023


In wineries, wastewater production and solid waste generation can pose serious environmental threats. Winery wastewater production has a seasonal behavior and needs a tre

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