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State of Bay Delta Science 2016: Introduction

Richard Norgaard, Michael Healey, Peter Goodwin, Michael Dettinger | July 1st, 2016

The first edition of SBDS presented seven shifts in perspective or changes in the way that scientists understood the Delta and water supply that had emerged in the decade before its publication (Healey et al. 2008). These changes in scientific understanding have profoundly affected the long-term vision for the Delta and the way that it is managed (Delta Vision Task Force 2008; Delta Stewardship Council 2010).

A similar evolution in understanding has emerged in the eight years since publication of the first edition of SBDS, and we expect our understanding of the Delta and California water will continue to evolve and change as new studies are conducted. SBDS will be a living document, updated from time to time as sufficient new findings accumulate and, in particular, as the effects of climate change become more apparent.

Meeting the new and unprecedented challenges to water supply and ecosystem conservation that climate change will bring will require both an intensification of scientific effort and much better coordination and planning of Delta science. The papers that make up the second edition of SBDS represent one step toward an integrated and policy-relevant compilation of science in the Delta.


ecosystem management, Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta

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