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Restoring Habitat with Science and Society in Mind

Jessica Davenport | April 8th, 2014

This Issue Paper, authored by Jessica Davenport, the Council’s Program Manager for Ecosystem Restoration and Land Use, is entitled Restoring Habitat with Science and Society in Mind.  The purpose of the 22-page paper is to survey restoration activities in the Delta; describe the needs, progress and opportunities related to restoration; and propose key areas of focus for the Delta Stewardship Council and other agencies to advance habitat restoration.

Some of the areas of focus for Council staff for the next two years include:

Continue to provide early consultation on habitat restoration projects that are Covered Actions under the Delta Plan in order to advise project proponents on using best available science and adaptive management and avoiding or reducing conflicts with existing uses, where feasible.

Report on habitat performance measures by December 2014 and again in December 2015.

Work with others to complete at least one of the landscape-scale conceptual models and associated landscape habitat metrics for the priority habitat restoration areas.

Enagage Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee members in discussions of challenges and potential solutions related to land acquistion and permit coordination.


ecosystem management, habitat restoration, Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta, science management

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