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2017 Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) Multi-Year Plan

San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) | January 17th, 2017

Water Board passed Resolution No. 92-043 directing the Executive Officer to send a letter to regulated dischargers requiring them to implement a regional multi-media pollutant monitoring program for water quality (RMP) in San Francisco Bay. The Water Board’s regulatory authority to require such a program comes from California Water Code Sections 13267, 13383, 13268 and 13385. The Water Board offered to suspend some effluent and local receiving water monitoring requirements for individual discharges to provide cost savings to implement baseline portions of the RMP, although they recognized that additional resources would be necessary. The Resolution also included a provision that the requirement for a RMP be included in discharger permits. The RMP began in 1993, and over ensuing years has been a successful and effective partnership of regulatory agencies and the regulated community. 

The goal of the RMP is to collect data and communicate information about water quality in San Francisco Bay in support of management decisions. 


monitoring, planning and management, Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta, water quality