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2017 Margins Microplastics Cruise Report

Russell Fairey, Marco Sigala | October 2nd, 2017

This report contains information on the summer field sampling efforts conducted by Coastal Conservation & Research (CC&R) in support of two Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) studies: South Bay Margins and Moore Microplastics. The South Bay Margins is the second round of a larger San Francisco Bay study collecting sediment and water in shallow margin areas of the bay. The first round was conducted in Central Bay in 2015. The Moore Microplastics study is a collaborative effort with the Moore Foundation to collect sediment and fish samples in San Francisco and Tomales Bays. The work for both studies was contracted through the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) to CC&R. Since overall project management and sampling locations were coordinated between the two projects, activities from both studies will be presented as they occurred. 


fisheries, microplastics, monitoring, Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta, sediment, water quality