Santa Ana Canal

THE area discussed in this report is in Southern California, lying for the most part easterly from the city of San Bernardino and consisting of the upper or higher part of the valley in which is situated the town of Redlands. It is a bout 50 miles distant from the ocean and has an elevation of from 1,000 to 1, … Continue reading “Santa Ana Canal”

Wells of Southern California

In the Series of Water Supply Irrigation Papers, the United States Geological Survey has in press, but not yet published, the “Wells of Southern California” (Nos. 59 and 60), by Mr. Joseph Barlow Lippincott. In his letter of transmittal Mr. F.H. Newell, Hydrographer in Charge, remarks: “The results are instructive, as showing what may be done in other parts of the … Continue reading “Wells of Southern California”