Assessing Water Affordability

Pacific Institute | August 14th, 2013


A new pilot study in California shows many households, even within affluent communities, routinely spend over the affordability threshold of 2 percent of their household

Beyond Water Pricing: An Overview of Water Financing Options in California

Pacific Institute | November 21st, 2013


California’s social and economic well-being is directly tied to financing for reliable, sustainable water. A new study from the Pacific Institute explores stable and su

California Water Rates and the “New Normal”

Pacific Institute | June 9th, 2013


Water service providers are facing new challenges in forecasting and preparing for future water demand, staying fiscally solvent while providing fair prices, incorporatin

Economic Efficiency of Water Use and Allocation in California: A Scoping-Level Analysis

Delta Vision | July 1st, 2008


This report identifies key issues related to the economic efficiency of water development, allocation and use in California and discusses general policy changes that migh

Economic Incentives— Loans, Grants, and Water Pricing (Resource Management Strategy)

Department of Water Resources | July 29th, 2016


Economic incentives include financial assistance, water pricing, and water market policies intended to influence water management. Economic incentives can influence the a

Estimation of residential outdoor water use in Los Angeles, California

Landscape and Urban Planing, Elsevier | July 1st, 2014


The current study analyzes existing methods for estimating outdoor use and landscape irrigation in highly developed residential areas across Los Angeles. Outdoor use was

Groundwater and Urban Growth in the San Joaquin Valley

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) | September 20th, 2021


The San Joaquin Valley is ground zero for the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). It has the largest groundwater deficit in California and faces some of the

Managing Drought: Learning from Australia

Pacific Institute, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Institute for Sustainable Futures | February 1st, 2016


Overall, Australia survived the Millennium Drought, demonstrating world leading innovation and exceptional examples of water planning and management driven by crisis. Yet

Metering in California

Pacific Institute | September 18th, 2014


The new “Need to Know” white paper Metering in California  finds water meters an essential element of effective water management, particularly during the drought.

Patterns and controlling factors of residential water use in Los Angeles, California

International Water Association (IWA) Publishing | May 19th, 2014


The current study evaluates residential water use patterns and driving factors across Los Angeles, California. Ten years of monthly residential water data were obtained f

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