A Spatial Hedonic Analysis of the Housing Market around a Large, Failing Desert Lake: The Case of the Salton Sea in California

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management | March 2nd, 2018


Many lakes around the world exhibit acute environmental stress due to water transfers, persistent droughts, and polluted runoff. In addition, falling water levels worsen

Achieving State Goals for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Legislative Analyst's Office | January 15th, 2015


The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) is a biodiverse ecosystem that covers about 1,150 square miles and supports over 700 species of fish and wildlife. The Delta is a

Adaptability and adaptations of California’s water supply system to dry climate warming

Climactic Change, Springer | November 27th, 2007


Economically optimal operational changes and adaptations for California’s water supply system are examined for a dry form of climate warming (GFDL CM2.1 A2) with year 2

Advancing Affordability through Water Efficiency

Pacific Institute | September 19th, 2022


This paper examines the relationship between water conservation and efficiency and affordability. Specifically, it examines the near-term effect of water conservation and

Advancing Hydro-Economic Optimization to Identify Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Opportunities in California’s Water System

California Natural Resources Agency | August 27th, 2018


Long-term shifts in the timing and magnitude of reservoir inflows will affect water supply reliability in California. Hydro-economic models can help explore climate chang

Approaches for groundwater management in times of depletion and regulatory change

University of California, Davis (UC Davis) | June 1st, 2018


New legislation and related regulations in California mandate groundwater management to avoid undesirable results from excessive groundwater pumping and other hum

Atmospheric rivers drive flood damages in the western United States

Science Advances, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) | December 4th, 2019


Atmospheric rivers (ARs) are extratropical storms that produce extreme precipitation on the west coasts of the world’s major landmasses. In the United States, ARs caus

Benefit Accounting of Nature-Based Solutions for Watersheds

Pacific Institute | March 1st, 2021


Nature-based solutions (NBS) have the potential to combat pressing global problems, including climate change, water security and biodiversity loss. This guide builds on

Benefit-Cost Analysis of The California WaterFix

University of the Pacific, Center for Business and Policy Research | August 17th, 2016


This benefit - cost analysis of the California Water Fix was prepared by Dr. Jeffrey Micheal with the University of the Pacific Center for Business and Policy Research; D

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