Help expand the California Water Library

The California Water Library (CWL) is an open-access, online library designed to provide easy, organized access to published information about the state’s most precious natural resource. CWL allows any interested party to search the archive and obtain the comprehensive, curated information they need to make informed decisions about California water.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 curated documents on the site. Thanks to CWL, it’s no longer a difficult and frustrating task to find information on or stay abreast of California’s water issues. CWL electronically harvests available information from numerous Internet sources into one library database and provides multi-parameter search tools to enable users to find documents based on author, publisher, date, title, keyword, and more. The impact is a powerful time-saver for anyone looking for documents related to California water issues. But there is still more to do, especially as the complexity and importance of water issues continues to grow.

CWL has just published an outstanding new resource:  The Delta Conveyance Project: A Century of Delta Conveyance Plans?

We’re so proud of this accomplishment! This important document provides a 100-year comprehensive historical narrative of the evolution of this project that is linked to all referenced documents and associated visual images. And it is available, without charge, on the CWL website.

CWL is about to undertake a significant expansion project over the next 12 months and we need to raise $50,000 to accomplish our goals. These funds will be used to cover the staff resources needed to increase the number of curated documents to 5,000 + and to publish Historical Synthesis Essays on the other pressing California water issues, such as the Bay Delta water quality control planning process, and others.  The funds will also help to promote the CWL more broadly through social media campaign and the launch of a monthly newsletter, increasing the number of Californians who know about this valuable library.

Just click here to make your tax-deductible contribution securely on-line or send a check to: Mutliplier/California Water Library, 548 Market St; PMB 81178;
San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

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