SGMA and land use


Groundwater is intimately connected with the landscape and land use that it underlies.  The way the land is used – the type of use and the level of use – has a direct relationship to water supplies and water quality issues.

Land use decisions that fail to consider groundwater can contribute to loss of groundwater recharge, increasing water demand, and groundwater contamination. However, land use practices that protect and conserve groundwater (and surface water) resources and maintain recharge areas are key to maintaining long-term water availability and economic vitality.  

State government has a limited role in land use planning; most of this authority rests with local governments.  State law does require that state policies with respect to land use be expressed through local general plans and land use regulations. 

Developing a strong collaboration between land use planners and water managers can promote more efficient land use patterns and regional water management practices. 

DWR Land Use Viewer

DWR’s Land Use Viewer allows GSAs and the public to easily access both statewide (as recent as 2014 crop data) and existing county land use datasets that have been collected over the last 30 years. The Viewer also includes a variety of tools that will allow users to download and analyze land use data.

Click here for DWR’s Land Use Viewer.

Well Completion Report Data

This DWR mapping tool provides direct statewide access to copies of Well Completion Reports, which contain information on planned use, depth of the well, subsurface geologic units encountered, well construction, and well yield.

Click here for DWR’s Well Completion Report Tool.

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