Case Studies

Grapevines in the South San Joaquin Valley (Photo by Maven)


  • How are Western water districts managing groundwater basins? (California Agriculture) A survey of 18 groundwater districts in California and other Western states to identify the management approaches and practices they have implemented.


  • The Future of Groundwater in California (EDF)  Report presents nine comprehensive case studies of groundwater management across the Western US to highlight the tools that have been used to address groundwater management challenges.

  • SGMA Case Studies (The Nature Conservancy) These case studies provide real-world examples of the processes, tools and techniques that have been developed as part of sustainable groundwater management.

    Multi-benefit Recharge Case Studies (The Nature Conservancy) These examples show how to facilitate various streams of funding to implement multi-benefit recharge projects.

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) is prompting significant change in the way groundwater is governed in California.  Other states and regions across the U.S. who have dealt with similar issues may help groundwater sustainability agencies develop strategies for sustainable groundwater management in their basin.

Learn more about the various approaches, tools, and policies that have been deployed by urban and agricultural users throughout the west.

Explore more case studies at the California Water Library


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