WORKSHOP: Monitoring Steelhead Populations in the San Joaquin Basin

February 17, 2021 – February 19, 2021 all-day

Mark your calendars for a virtual workshop hosted by the Delta Science Program.

Day one and day two of the workshop will review the management challenges and monitoring framework for Oncorhynchus mykiss and give participants the opportunity to discuss historic and ongoing O. mykiss monitoring programs.

On day three, participants will be asked to explore potential analytical approaches for measuring the impact of management actions on San Joaquin basin steelhead, identifying what information is necessary, how to gather that information, and the spatial and temporal extent required. We hope that this workshop will identify collaborations and partnerships that could contribute to the future development of comprehensive monitoring of Central Valley O. mykiss.

This workshop supports the Biological Opinion on Long-Term Operation of the CVP and SWP – 3.6.2, which aims to develop a plan to monitor steelhead populations within the San Joaquin Basin and/or the San Joaquin River downstream of the confluence of the Stanislaus River, including steelhead and rainbow trout on non-project San Joaquin tributaries.

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