WEBINAR: Why Geophysics is Needed for Water Resources Management

May 20, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

You have gathered a lot of lithological information from boreholes. You have carefully developed a hydrogeological conceptual model (HCM) that you believe fits this data and is a good representation of the subsurface. However, sometimes you have difficulties calibrating your numerical hydrogeological model and fear that your HCM is too simplified. You either become careful and don’t use the model results as intended, or worse, end up making poor and risky water resources management decisions based upon a poorly calibrated model.

Electromagnetic surveys provide an excellent opportunity to gain a more detailed understanding of the subsurface between wells. Compared to wells, these surveys can rather inexpensively provide a greater spatial coverage. This will greatly improve the development of the HCM. As a data greedy hydrogeophysicist, Max will show you examples from California on how electromagnetic surveys provide detailed 3D images bringing the understanding of the subsurface to a new level.

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