WEBINAR: Latest Developments in PFAS – Analytical Method Developments and Forensics

July 31, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Presentation by Dan Bryant, Ph.D., P.G.

The PFAS world is evolving exceptionally rapidly, and this GRACast will focus on two recent developments that are of broad interest and relevance: new analytical method developments and potential forensic applications. The USEPA has just completed validation of Method 8327. Method 8327 is designed to analyze 24 PFAS in surface water, groundwater, and wastewater. The target sample matrix, analyte list, and performance of this method will be discussed. In the second development, forensic analysis is gaining interest for potential source attribution and conceptual site model applications. Different processes utilized by PFAS manufacturers result in characteristic PFAS distributions that are reflected in the final manufactured products, and different manufactured products contain different types of PFAS compounds. New analytical methods are beginning to identify these differences, which show promise for potential forensic applications.

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