WEBINAR: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Public Works Projects

November 18, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

In the best of times, the management of complex public works projects is difficult. It requires extreme diligence to all aspects of construction, from initial planning to final sign-off. It also requires a full grasp of all the myriad legal requirements and industry standards that govern such projects. Every daily decision made on the management of contractors can mean the difference between a project coming in on-time and under budget, or significantly over budget and possibly late.

And there’s always the potential for legal claims.

COVID-19 has significantly exacerbated these issues. With all the myriad health concerns and safety restrictions in place to guard against the pandemic, there’s little room for error. And any misstep can lead to costly litigation.

Attorney Anthony Niccoli will lead our November 18 webinar and take us through the key legal requirements and best practices managers must be aware of to minimize claims and bring projects in under budget. You won’t want to miss this presentation. It could mean the difference between a successful project or endless headaches.

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