We manage what we measure: A Napa water forum

February 7, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

Concerned residents of Napa County seek to protect the natural environment from further degradation. Multi-layered federal, state and local agencies seek to apply a complex web of statutes, ordinances, regulations, principles and practices to constrain harm to the public trust, while an entire industry of “entitlement” advocates seek to extract individual benefit from the public commons. The entire process is mired in a stalemate of expensive controversy.

Napa County has the opportunity to lead the way with environmental reconciliation. We submit for your consideration a new vision of the future proposed by the prestigious Public Policy Institute that is founded on good science, best practices, and adaptive management.

We are hosting a forum with a distinguished panel of experts who are non-political, unbiased purveyors of the facts. The experts will discuss the evolution of a new conflict-free approach to examining the relationship between development and the environment, the field conditions in the Napa watershed, and the most recent technology in measuring and modeling. We will present the testimonial of a successful streamkeeper, and a how-to-do-it discussion led by a world class environmental facilitator.

All interested persons are welcome. Seating is limited. Gates will open at noon. The presentations begin at 1:00 and will be followed by a hosted reception to allow for informal discussions and networking. Directions to the private venue at the Napa Airport will be emailed to you after your registration.

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