Trash Datathon 2020 Event Series Kickoff

The California State Water Resources Control Board’s Office of Information Management and Analysis is hosting the first in a series of trash focused Datathon or Hackathon style events in 2020. Join us for the 2020 Trash Event Series Kickoff, where participants will tackle the “meta” trash topics, and work to answer questions developed during the 2019 Trash Data Dive.

Topics include (PLEASE only register for one project area):

    • Data Models
    • Data Preparation
    • Storytelling

How it works:

Participants will select one team to participate in during the datathon. They will work with other team members to address the specific objectives of each project and report back to the group with their solutions at the end of the day.

Who should attend?

    • Data scientists
    • Scientists working on trash issues
    • Aspiring academics and budding subject matter experts
    • Trash/data nerds

For Water Board Staff: This is a Water Board sponsored event. Training Office approval is not required to attend sponsored events. Optional: submit a TRF to add the event to your training history. Please ensure you have supervisor approval to attend prior to registering.

Agenda and project specifics coming soon!

Space is limited, register now!