WEBINAR/SEMINAR: Multivalent Stormwater Actions in an Era of Climate Change

July 11, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Event will be webcast: https://video.calepa.ca.gov/

 RSVP:  https://the_river_project.eventbrite.com

California faces many challenges associated with climate change: fire, flood, drought, water and air quality, community wellbeing, equity, environmental justice, carbon budgeting, maintaining ecosystem function and biodiversity across vast regions. Capturing relevant factors in decision making has never been more critical and we have neither the time nor the resources to focus on one piece to the detriment of others. We will be profiling nature-based solutions through the lens of watershed planning, and how these are applied and compared with a range of approaches to prioritize and amplify positive outcomes.

Guest Speakers:

Melanie Winter – Founder & Director, The River Project

Melanie has been active in watershed-based policy, planning and projects for nearly 25 years. After founding The River Project in 2000, she led the legal fight to establish Rio de Los Angeles State Park; co-produced the “Room for the River: Los Angeles” symposium with the Dutch; developed the Water LA and Paddle the River programs; directed habitat restoration throughout the LA River; and produced the Tujunga/Pacoima Watershed Plan, which received the American Planning Association’s “Innovation in Green Community Planning” award. The River Project has partnered with local government to implement several projects identified in that watershed plan, including the ¾–mile Woodman Avenue Median Retrofit and the innovative Water LA program of urban acupuncture that engages homeowners in retrofitting their properties for climate resilience.

Johnathan Perisho – Design & Policy Director, The River Project

Johnathan has over 10 years of experience advancing natural systems and nature-based solutions. His work has included landscape design and installations, experimental strategy development, regional planning, research, community engagement, and landscape management practices. He has used these opportunities to investigate leading methods, and incorporates this work into the development of comprehensive strategy plans, recommendations, and guidance. He received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Ball State University, and his Masters of Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona.

Please contact Matthew Freese at Matthew.Freese@waterboards.ca.gov with any questions.