SO CAL WATER DIALOG: Metropolitan Water District’s Integrated Water Resources Plan:  Planning for an Uncertain Future

February 24, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

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In the 25 years since Metropolitan drafted the region’s first Integrated Water Resources Plan (IRP), a lot has changed.  Demands have shifted, a conservation ethic has emerged and advanced technologies have allowed new local resources to be developed.  This was the intent of the first-of-its-kind IRP — to develop a water supply reliability plan based on a portfolio approach to water resources and incentivize its implementation.  But what about the next 25 years?

Southern California is facing a future of climate change, cultural shifts and competing needs for scarce public dollars.  Sorting out what’s plausible from what’s possible and identifying a resource mix that can maintain reliable supplies through 2045 is the task of Metropolitan’s IRP planners with input from water resources experts, policy leaders and community stakeholders.

Please join us for an update on Metropolitan’s IRP process, and lend your perspective as we discuss key drivers of change that will impact Southern California’s options and the potential scenarios for the region’s water future.


Demetri Polyzos, Metropolitan Water District

Nadia Hardjadinata, Metropolitan Water District