BROWN BAG SEMINAR: From Measurements, Models and Maps to Management: Leveraging 25 years of Delta Biogeochemistry Research Across Scales

March 12, 2020 @ 10:45 am – 12:45 pm

Meeting Location:

Park Tower, Second Floor Conference Room
980 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


The meeting will be audio recorded from 10:45 AM to 12:00 PM for Agenda Item #1 through 3 and the live audio feed will be available via WebEx (Password: DeltaISB).

Note: Accessing the audio feed requires you to enter your name and e-mail, which may be disclosed as public information. The signal for the live audio feed may be intermittent due to the internet infrastructure at the meeting location.

Meeting Materials:

Materials referenced in this notice are available on the events web page at Members of the public are encouraged to visit the events web page to view the meeting materials. A limited number of copies of these materials will be available at the meeting.

The United States Geological Survey and the Delta Stewardship Council are in the process of recruiting the next lead scientist for the Delta Science Program, whose term would begin in fall 2020.

The Delta Stewardship Council appoints the Delta lead scientist after consultation with the Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB), pursuant to California Water Code section 85280(b).

Four applicants are currently under consideration for the appointment. As part of the process, each applicant will give a brown bag seminar presentation on their research and experience, and how it applies to the position, as well as their vision for the Delta Science Program. The brown bag seminar presentations will be part of a public meeting and will be noticed individually. Information about the applicants and their seminars can be found on the Delta Lead Scientist web page:


On March 12, 2020, the Delta lead scientist interview panel, an advisory committee to the Delta ISB, will hold a public meeting.

Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Myers, an applicant for the Delta lead scientist position, will present a brown bag seminar, titled “From Measurements, Models and Maps to Management: Leveraging 25 years of Delta Biogeochemistry Research Across Scales.”

After the brown bag seminar, there will be an opportunity for the public to ask Dr. Windham-Myers questions on her presentation, and general questions related to the Delta lead scientist position during the meet and greet.

Following a break after the meet and greet, the Delta lead scientist interview panel will meet in closed session, pursuant to California Government Code section 11126(a)(1), to consider the matter of appointment of a Delta lead scientist and interview Dr. Windham-Myers. After the interview, the meeting will reconvene in open session and the interview panel will report out on the closed session.


The agenda items listed below may be considered in a different order pursuant to the determination of the interview panel chair. Times listed on the agenda are approximate only. At the discretion of the interview panel, all items appearing on this agenda, whether or not expressly listed for action, may be deliberated upon and may be subject to action.

With the exception of agenda item 6, all other agenda items are open to the public.

~ 1 0 :45 A : Meeting Starts

  1. Welcome and Introductions Dr. Elizabeth Canuel, the interview panel chair, will call the meeting to order and take roll of the interview panel, which consists of representatives from the Delta ISB, the Delta Stewardship Council, and the United States Geological Survey.
  2. Brown Bag Seminar Presentation by Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Myers, titled “From Measurements, Models and Maps to Management: Leveraging 25 years of Delta Biogeochemistry Research Across Scales”
  3. Question and Answer Session on the Brown Bag Seminar Presentation Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Myers will take and answer questions from the Delta lead scientist interview panel and from members of the public on her brown bag seminar presentation.

~ 1 2:00 P : 10 Minute Break

~ 1 2:10 PM: Public Meeting Resumes

  1. Meet and Greet with the Delta Lead Scientist Applicant The meet and greet will provide the opportunity for the applicant to meet those in attendance, and provide the opportunity for attendees to ask questions of Dr. Lisamarie Windham-Myers related to the Delta lead scientist position.
  2. Public Comments The Delta lead scientist interview panel will take public comments on topics within its jurisdiction that are not on the agenda.

~ 1 2:45 P to 2:30 P : Lunch/Break

~ 2:30 PM: Closed Session Begins