Basin Water Management — Challenges in Water Management at the Basin Scale

November 5, 2019 – November 8, 2019 all-day
Reno, Nevada

Increased scarcity of water supplies and competing uses and demands for water in the Western United States requires changes to water planning and management in order to protect our water resources and effectively sustain water uses on the basin scale. Sustainable basin water management, a challenge even in normal hydrologic conditions with plentiful water availability, is becoming even more difficult for all water users. Water for agricultural use continues to compete with needs of other water users, threatening our food security. As such, solutions to these challenges must be approached comprehensively and often require infrastructure, management and policy changes

This USCID Conference in Reno, Nevada, will provide a forum for water district staff, water agency staff, irrigation and drainage specialists, consultants and academics to share innovative solutions and learn from each other’s experiences. This Conference will bring together many water resources professionals with experience and interest in governance, policy, management, financing, and technical issues related to sustainable basin management, including the difficult tasks seen in transitioning to supply and demand management.

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