Delta Independent Science Board

September 12, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Park Tower
980 Ninth Street
CA 9581

The Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) will meet regarding its current reviews and efforts, which will include a discussion of the latest draft report on the review of the Interagency Ecological Program’s ability to provide science to support management of the Delta. Based on this discussion, the Delta ISB may take action to finalize the content of the draft report for submission to the Interagency Ecological Program and the Delta Stewardship Council (Council).

In addition, the Delta ISB will provide an update on, and discuss outreach efforts for, the recruitment of the Delta Lead Scientist. The Delta ISB will also discuss the review, pursuant to Water Code Section 85308(a), of the Council’s draft performance measures for the Delta Plan Ecosystem Amendment, and may take action to submit comments to the Council.

The Delta ISB will discuss the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee’s (DPIIC’s) progress with implementing the Delta ISB’s recommendations to improve interagency science by developing a long-term science needs assessment, as described in the Delta ISB’s letter to DPIIC, dated February 11, 2019. To help inform DPIIC’s efforts, the Delta ISB will discuss the implications of conducting research under rapid environmental change.

The Delta ISB will also discuss priorities for its future reviews. To help inform the Delta ISB’s current efforts and priorities in the future, Steve Rothert (American Rivers) will provide an overview of the Voluntary Agreements and Karen Kayfetz (Council) will provide an overview of the Delta Conservation Adaptive Management Action Strategy.

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