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Oppose the Twin Tunnels Project: A C-­WIN Policy Brief

California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) | October 1st, 2012

It is the policy of the California Water Impact Network to:

• Oppose and work to defeat the construction of the Twin Tunnels Project which would divert water from the Sacramento River to the South Delta pumps before it gets to the Bay-­Delta.
• Support and work to achieve the reduction in Delta exports to a maximum of 3 million acre-­feet per year.  Oppose any increased Delta exports to Central and Southern California.
• Support and work to achieve the elimination of paper water from State Water Project and Central Valley Project contracts.
• Support regional water self-­sufficiency through conservation, recycling, storm water capture and other “soft path” means.
• Support upgrading Delta levees to withstand both sea level rise and the risk of a major earthquake.
•  Support increased water supply reliability for State Water Project urban areas by reinstatement of the Urban Water Preference in State Water contracts and returning the Kern Water Bank to the public to store
the Urban Preference south of the Delta as a drought supply.


Delta conveyance, ecosystem management, Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta

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